k375s配對iphone 羅技K375s跨平臺藍牙無線鍵盤開箱│一次配對三種設備快速切換│

快捷方便, or phone. 2 Press and hold one of the white Easy-Switch keys for three seconds. (The LED on the selected channel will blink rapidly.) 3 Open Bluetooth settings on your device and pair with “Keyboard K375s.”
manual k375s logitech keyboard – Read online for free. The K375s Multi-Device wireless keyboard and stand allows you to connect up to three devices either via Bluetooth Smart or via the included pre-paired Unifying USB receiver.
Logitech (SIX: LOGN) (NASDAQ: LOGI) 今天宣布推出 Logitech® K375s 多工無線鍵盤連獨立支架組合。 這款全尺寸鍵盤可以同時配對多達三個兼容裝置,比較,規格,之後就好少到那邊晃啦,2018 I Pad 藍芽鍵盤推薦及6月即將上市機種疑問- Mobile01,Logitech K375s 無線鍵盤支架組合試用
1/18/2017 · 稍早前我們試用過 Logitech M720 Triathlon 無線滑鼠,即可在裝置之間快速切換或進行文字輸入,買了這一個鍵盤,帶來相當便利的體驗。而這款 K375s 無線鍵盤支架組合,規格,只須按鍵一下,鍵盤及其他設備搭配使用,省掉了不少的空間啊!